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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Great Spirit Mother Willamina, the Talking Dwelving Playmate!

Great Spirit Mother Willamina (helmet protection), 
the Talking (use the heart) Dwelving (labor with the mind) Playmate (to have fun)!

Her Name Meaning: to protect the head, we use the heart, that is where joy is born.  She leads us, the perfect image of God, the warrior who is true blue, the heart of you and me, the relative, who loves truly, the Kingdom of God, our Oneness.

 Drumbeat of Holiness, the Master Drummer of Pure Love

Take me down to the River's edge (from shore to shining shore, star to star), there I lie to know the pledge (to be true to brotherhood, the relative of the royal blue, the heart of me and you). I see my reflection along the shore, the day of dawning comes even more.  Where loaf (relax and reflect, be casual, to twilight, the lights do twix, take a stroll and enjoy in the garden of paradise) along the way, to go on journey and learn to play. I say to you, don't walk away, because there's so much more, to show our face. 

We are growing every day.  And I learn to love and play.  And when the sunshine goes down at night, I will be waiting in all your fright (our fears give us time to reflect and teach us lessons, to become forthright, and then we can open our hearts and minds, to do what's right, for all concerned). But then the stars, come out at night (as we journey deeper within the darkness of reflection, we gain wisdom, to be reborn, to be a shining light). See the glory of your wisdom's flight.  And we can fly across the seas, to know the growing of the forbidden breeze. (the place within the darkness, where pureness shines like stars in the night, when the fire of blessings greets, the water of tears.  Those who suffer for love, the law grows the perfect crystalline stone river where heaven and earth collides, fire and water brings the smoke, to bring the atmosphere and paradise, where trees of life, spring life).

We are the beings, of pure light.  The rainbow's calling of the delight (we are the rainbow clan, the four sacred directions, where the spiritual wind blows through us all)
.  And as I look upon the shorey (queen's) knight, I see stars are born in this plight (you are the star, in this world where there is plight, don't enter shame and withdraw, instead enter your glory and do what's right).  Can't you see, that face that looks at you (in the water's reflection).  Look in the waters, that are so blue (the heart of me and you, the true, the free, the wise of the kingdom's calling).  And my children, the joy you bring, to show us flowers always in the Spring (rise up to the calling of the knight, the righteousness of a good man, of brotherhood, during this time of prophecy when all is upside down)

Jump for joy...look for love...wait for oceans to fall from above (heaven reigns)...My heart is waiting for your return.  I say, my heart longs to be the oceans who burn (the blessings of light, that return in the night, to be the rising star, born again).  I want for fire, to meet and greet.  To be the blessings on the street (offer greetings and a smile to each other, a true embrace of the heart).   Be the one, who opens doors.  Help your family, get even more.  Guide towards the place we meet, the waters edge (soul and flesh join forces), we do keep (the shore, distant or close by, protect the kingdom of true brotherhood, do what is right, trust your heart).

Drumbeat of Holiness, the Master Drummer of Pure Love continues with Great Spirit Mother's Song

Down in the valleys of the snow, where perfect crystals always grow (the crystalline stone river, where the perfection of light grows and knows, the flowing of a true heart).  And my heart blossoms, for you and me, to play a tune we always keep.  I am here playing your song.  Watch me grow, while you get along, and my heart does blossom and grow, to see my children, learn and know (to have wisdom, like children who trust their hearts).  What we need is heaven sent, the place of miracles that do bend (bowing of the rainbow).  And I have got to be with you, the longing of the perfect view (to envision, the song of your heart, to greet and meet other hearts, to join forces to be one place, the grace of brotherhood, One Race).

Do I go, or do I wait (when we go, we do not stand our ground, but when one waits, we learn to be around, and the wisdom grows as a circle of life, to bend the sound of a song that knows, to be the embrace that grows and knows)?  Do I allow, for heaven's sake (receive others as their perfection that shines from within)
?  Do I say, my love will grow (Here Great Mother tries to get you to say yes, over and over again.  This then becomes a habit of loving, what is right, the perfect heart, which does not run from plight, but works it out and stands on what is right)? Or do I walk away from know? (Wisdom of time guides us, do we trust ourselves, or do we think, we know more than time?)   There are oceans, waiting to be, the tears of time, that sets them free (freedom comes when we are able to receive others point of view and embody their knowing into your knowing, then together, a resolve can be born, to solve our problems and make it right, to unite broken hearts).  And I will pray and protect thee, when you are down, inside the breeze.  Don't wait too long and find a wedge (stop at the door, instead enter the crystalline door and forgive others, to be free, entering the kingdom of paradise, by resolving our lessons, and offering loving compassion by learning a new way, the unification of broken hearts, the very law of love, we unite, our flesh, with our souls, the rising sun, the star that shines from within), instead look for happiness in all you do and say. 

There is only miracles, when you look this day, because it's wisdom in all you do this day!  My heart will grow inside of you.  And I will long for the perfect view. Wisdom comes when you blossom and grow, be the heart of heaven's door (trust your soul, the perfect rainbow that bows with humility and offers loving embrace by allowing others in what they say).  And then the valleys, there will be a breeze, the heart of majesty upon the rolling trees, the mountain calling of the valley pure, there my children will know paradise for sure.

Have some fun, have a great day, but you can only learn to play, when you trust your heart and do what's in your soul, not following others, heaven knows.  Be yourself, and not the used (not a victim, but a Queen's Knight, like the Royal Blue Musketeers, all for one, and one for all, like Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy).  Be the one, who shows the view. I look out my window and show the light, the glory that lifts the plights.  Be the loving heart of doom (know true compassion and resolve with the law of love), where we climb out and shine, so zoom (fly free).  And we can bee, the impossible flight, when we trust our hearts of might.  Let us trust and be our selves.  Let us grow and be the know.  Let us dream and come undone (be wild, let loose), to ravel (to bind, to clarify by separating the aspects of the Oneness. the fray of the garment to remind us of the heart, the tzit tzit-theJewish tassel on the prayer cloth reminding us of the blue, our relatives. Our bodies are separated, but our spirits, dangle in the wind, to remind us that we belong together as one loving heart, to disentangle or resolve our separation.)  goodness in all we do, and let's (have) some fun. 


 Drumbeat of Holiness, the Master Drummer of Pure Love

Sung  by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Drumbeat by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star to the Request and Pleasure for Great Mother Spirit Willamina.  Her Heart teaches us the glory of our lives, let us measure up to ourselves to be the Queen's Knight!

Ho, Ho, Ho, on the rolling hills, paradise we begin here!
Merry Christmas Eve 2009, over and through, the many crystal doors... 

"Welcome Home Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy"

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  1. My birth name is Willamina. I and my family are from NC and Tennessee area. We are all Cherokee descendants. I love how you explained the light hearted nature of Willamina. I really enjoyed your blog.