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Great Spirit Mother

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prayer to Our Heavenly Great Spirit Mother

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Prayer to Our Heavenly Great Mother who Guides our Soul!
The "Spiritual Body our Heart and Soul" of Heaven
Great Spirit Father Guides and Protects

Tell me truly where do we go, when the sun goes down to the snow (all together). Where are the green valleys where flowers do grow and I know of mountains that begin to grow. And I will know mountains that will begin to grow.

Here inside me I will know you. Great Mother Spirit always the true. We your children will come to the blue and our hearts will walk the red and the blue. Our hearts will walk both the red and the bleu (freedom).

Tell me wonders where sun breaks the day. The magic of knowing is where we go to play. A kingdom of righteousness and all that glows true. My heart will know blossoms of pink and the blue. My heart will know blossoms of the pink and the blue.

Tarry and wander throughout all the lands. My (Your) children will keep thee, forbidden and free. Take good hearted with all that you do and know the God is always running true. Take the good hearted and know it's running true.

We are the children who treasure all gifts. Holding the heart is a single desire. The tears of the masses, the tears of desire. But wherever I wander I will know no pain, when I know that Great Mother is walking in vane (four directions). She is walking so tame.

Take where the glory will open all doors and we the children will come inside. To wander and tarry inside the divide, where all music grows and collides. Tell me do you keep us in line or do we just look out over time. Can't open oceans collide and spill over mountains that find only tides.

Miracles come only when there is room inside to grow all the gardens and all the snow. But I say truly Great Mother my Deer, you are the Greatest the one that we fear. Take the truth from our hearts and we will command the reflection of tears that drain in the sand. We are the devoted and come towards your heart, won't you let us know you? Won't you let us start?

There inside the valleys, there inside the hills, I come to your beckon and wish for more to sills. (vision: window sills, beautiful pictures with four panes, and wide sill to rest upon to gaze) The glory of your wisdom comes to my care and wonder if we should be working on the stairs. Tarry you say in the gardens and play all day if we dare, but we are thinking that you might want us to stay in there.

Our love is devoted and true to your heart and want the Great Mother to always know start. We can be one with you, if you only begin to whisper to us again. To whisper in the wind. Dare the seeds of hearts be true, find the love that life was given to you. We long to be by you and play together in the dark, but we need you to hold our hands, if only you could start.

Here inside our hearts we come to look deep inside and if we are to know the way, love light and all the stars. The whispers of the wind at night keep track of all we do and we can say that God is true, the blue of me and you. The bleu of me and you. The blue of me and you. From see to shining sea, we hear you in the breeze!


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