Peaceful Wisdom Prayer


Great Spirit Mother

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great Mother Genevieve the Calling One Steering Us Towards the Golden Tree in the Kingdom of Majesty

Flowing, to the ages of time. There we wonder, are we so blind? It feels like kingdom come, has been turned around the sun.  Can you feel the glow, the heart inside this living flow? Rapid my soul does beat, always open to the heart in need.  When it's down and the sun goes to sleep, my heart is always knowing where to creep.  Its' a place, where sin does live, but it's time to forgive.

But you say, you don't know how.  And it's all worth, some how a cloud.  But in this vision, of seen unseen, I must trust my heart on the run.  Over rolling hills, my heart has begun.  Over rolling hills, my tears do catch the sun.  Over rolling hills, waterfall of tears, there we go again, inside this multi-sin. It can be a  better way.  If we did long to pray.  It would be close to heart, when we do get along the smart (sting). And if we could build a sea, we would need the tears released. Bring it home, your feelings deers (journey of life, the great migration, through time). It's time for us to steer.

(Beat so fast, had to ask Holiness David to calm down and reorganize the rapid pace, yet slow down and follow the heart, there is pain and unwanted acts, left inside of Great Mother's heart.  It is time for us to be free, so she won't have to be us, feeling all this dust (like a Mother does).  Holiness David Running Eagle we need you to bless, still trouble (holiness can recover, or your sacred acts of holiness can recover). Blessing Great Mother. Breathing, finally. Blessing continually. Release the waste and begin again, steer the direction you need to wind.)

There is room in all the world.  There is a place we feel, so still inside your heart is mighty and pure, when you bless and wait till it's still. Feel the rhythm of life. But sometimes, we need to step out of strife. Look within, reflect upon your heart, stay still and look there is more to life. Yet, I do await, when you listen to me.  I am in heaven, feeling your sacred breeze. I know when you are in pain and frustration.  But I will always come to your understanding.  It's time for us to be demanding (warriors who fight for love).

Walk with silence and pray.  Then talk with heavenly waves.  We greet each other, like we are all lovers, because we are part of each others life.  If you are not happy, how can I be?  If you don't have food to fill your belly?  Please, I know you need hope, but how do we cope, when others don't come and feel us in the sneeze (bridge between realms, with the breath of life, the billows will sail with this wind), just when we cross over, the realm tells us it's clover, to go back and feel it's once again.  This time, let us bless the sacred winds.  Let us open our eyes, our hearts, vision surprise, let all the little children come on home.

My darling family you are from a royal throne.  Related are we. We belong to the golden tree. Where we are all saints and majesty.  Brothers and Sisters, family related, friends and neighbors, even the stables, animals and sic thongs (and thus we speak, to hold, to throw, to embrace, to know, fore blessings overthrow), hoping we are strong. It's time for us to wave that branch, holding our leaves, relatives in the breeze. Come let us step to that dance!

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums, for the heart of Great Spirit Mother Genevieve the Calling One, rainbow colors 1. leading perfection, 2. four directions of the spirit, 3. communication of holiness, 4. and leading the crystalline flow. Genevieve, a unit of measure used to measure waves it also means white caps, 'of the ocean'. Also known as "white wave", of the race of women, woman (heaven), tribe woman (heaven's rainbow clan), tribe, and people.  The white waves represent, the star from heaven, the light so bright, it's white that shines! From within the darkness, a light is born, here we step to the horn (push to unite), blow your heart out and voice your part, let others know the stories, you dream!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
 Great Mother, you save the day, always looking after your hay (abundance for the children).  And I know it's wisdom you seek, when looking at those you keep.  Inside your heart so pure, like a river sounding like a roar.  And we are part of destiny, when you come home to me (children of the rainbow).  We are excited for everything, even all that you bring.  Dreams and Waterfalls, that's where the clouds do roar.  I know you are a child, the sweetness that always collides, to drink down the blood of God (suffers for our pain, her children of the world), to suffer from us, who don't know clouds (tears from the heart). We are part of everything.  We are the voice that sings.  And Great Mother, you bring us dreams, where law of love, gifts everything.