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Great Spirit Mother

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Great Spirit Mother Witness to the Sky Gifts Her Cart

Great Spirit Mother Witness to the Sky Gifts Her Cart
 Let love capture you. Come on down to the blue. Where you have been so long, feel it in the winds. Climb up to the stars again, to take hold of the carts amend. We wanted love to fulfill, just have to use our thrills. There is a loving place within this trace the making of a human face. Whence we came, to let love beckon us home again. Desperately coming down the sleeve, all of your tears that fall down upon this holy wall. Shine true my children of the blue. Shine true. Shine true my children of the blue. Shine true.
The daze upon our dreams fold down from the sky. And there the colors come down to ride the holy streams of the windows and our dreams. There we cry our tears and fall them down upon the sacredness of this holy sound. We are witness to our shame, yet there is another way to blame. If only we did say, glory be your way. Giving all that is true blue, the waves of all you say. When you wanted more than salvation brings, blame your brother who shows you the way. Say you are the reason for my living. I blame you for this another day. You too can blame me. I will show you this sacred breeze. You too can show me, the sacredness of your dew. Climb down from the stars. And have each other for this cart (ark, stone, crystalline being of light, Star of David). You and me will find our way, when we realign all to be safe.
Great Spirit Mother Witness to the Sky, you bring in all the howling of our cries. And if you knew just when we needed bleed, because you wanted us to plant those seeds. Love came to wander from the past to the future my dears. Love came to you to hold down this sacred fear. And when you needed a friend, you just had to rely on the winds. All that came home to you and me, we paved the way.
Look inside of your heart, blame this mission on your holy ark. And with this knowledge no one needed fear. And yet inside of you, the spiritual learned to grew into this delightful wake with no more mistakes. you are my dream, my children with steam. You are my winds that blow, I know all you carry inside of you gold. You are my treasure my deer. You gifted all of your tears. I blame this world for your love. Just let it pour out like the doves.
You and me children of this world, we came home to fill the sky. All the colors that we ride, across the miracles we prescribed. And each lesson we learned to bring in that sacred burn. That fire you lit in the sky, just to hold us closer to the holy wise. You and me deer on a great migrational tear. And with our waking of the dawn, we will hear all of those songs. You are the children I realize, that will change this world prescribed. You will know, just what you have been told, all of those lives. You are born and you are torn, from life after life. Witness with me in the sky, all the tears that fall down prescribed. Lessons we must learn to bring us to this world again. I tell you true and mighty is the way you share your *sightee (vision of the spiritual flight, wind-worn outcrop, sight of the sun from a hill). You are the magic I know, you bring tears to my gold.
And I dream with you across this land. I beckon the stars to understand. I feel the waves upon the winds. I carry you with love once again. And with this cry, I hear your tears falling down. Everything you make is a holy shake, when you gift your love away. Send out your praise.

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums from the heart of Great Spirit Mother Witness to the Sky. We are grateful for her love, always showing us the way, while she hears the songs that are displayed.

*Sighty (sightee): A Marilyn is a mountain or hill in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland or Isle of Man with a prominence of at least 150 metres (492 ft), regardless of absolute height or other merit. The name was coined as a punning contrast to the designation Munro, used of a Scottish mountain with a height of more than 3,000 feet (914.4 m), which is homophonous with (Marilyn) Monroe.
Gifted by Angel Services Around the World
Sioux Task Force and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Jews for the Ark of the Covenant the Rainbow Promise

Great Mother, you save the day, always looking after your hay (abundance for the children). And I know it's wisdom you seek, when looking at those you keep. Inside your heart so pure, like a river sounding like a roar. And we are part of destiny, when you come home to me (children of the rainbow). We are excited for everything, even all that you bring. Dreams and Waterfalls, that's where the clouds do roar. I know you are a child, the sweetness that always collides, to drink down the blood of God (suffers for our pain, her children of the world), to suffer from us, who don't know clouds (tears from the heart). We are part of everything. We are the voice that sings. And Great Mother, you bring us dreams, where law of love, gifts everything.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great Mother Genevieve the Calling One Steering Us Towards the Golden Tree in the Kingdom of Majesty

Flowing, to the ages of time. There we wonder, are we so blind? It feels like kingdom come, has been turned around the sun.  Can you feel the glow, the heart inside this living flow? Rapid my soul does beat, always open to the heart in need.  When it's down and the sun goes to sleep, my heart is always knowing where to creep.  Its' a place, where sin does live, but it's time to forgive.

But you say, you don't know how.  And it's all worth, some how a cloud.  But in this vision, of seen unseen, I must trust my heart on the run.  Over rolling hills, my heart has begun.  Over rolling hills, my tears do catch the sun.  Over rolling hills, waterfall of tears, there we go again, inside this multi-sin. It can be a  better way.  If we did long to pray.  It would be close to heart, when we do get along the smart (sting). And if we could build a sea, we would need the tears released. Bring it home, your feelings deers (journey of life, the great migration, through time). It's time for us to steer.

(Beat so fast, had to ask Holiness David to calm down and reorganize the rapid pace, yet slow down and follow the heart, there is pain and unwanted acts, left inside of Great Mother's heart.  It is time for us to be free, so she won't have to be us, feeling all this dust (like a Mother does).  Holiness David Running Eagle we need you to bless, still trouble (holiness can recover, or your sacred acts of holiness can recover). Blessing Great Mother. Breathing, finally. Blessing continually. Release the waste and begin again, steer the direction you need to wind.)

There is room in all the world.  There is a place we feel, so still inside your heart is mighty and pure, when you bless and wait till it's still. Feel the rhythm of life. But sometimes, we need to step out of strife. Look within, reflect upon your heart, stay still and look there is more to life. Yet, I do await, when you listen to me.  I am in heaven, feeling your sacred breeze. I know when you are in pain and frustration.  But I will always come to your understanding.  It's time for us to be demanding (warriors who fight for love).

Walk with silence and pray.  Then talk with heavenly waves.  We greet each other, like we are all lovers, because we are part of each others life.  If you are not happy, how can I be?  If you don't have food to fill your belly?  Please, I know you need hope, but how do we cope, when others don't come and feel us in the sneeze (bridge between realms, with the breath of life, the billows will sail with this wind), just when we cross over, the realm tells us it's clover, to go back and feel it's once again.  This time, let us bless the sacred winds.  Let us open our eyes, our hearts, vision surprise, let all the little children come on home.

My darling family you are from a royal throne.  Related are we. We belong to the golden tree. Where we are all saints and majesty.  Brothers and Sisters, family related, friends and neighbors, even the stables, animals and sic thongs (and thus we speak, to hold, to throw, to embrace, to know, fore blessings overthrow), hoping we are strong. It's time for us to wave that branch, holding our leaves, relatives in the breeze. Come let us step to that dance!

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums, for the heart of Great Spirit Mother Genevieve the Calling One, rainbow colors 1. leading perfection, 2. four directions of the spirit, 3. communication of holiness, 4. and leading the crystalline flow. Genevieve, a unit of measure used to measure waves it also means white caps, 'of the ocean'. Also known as "white wave", of the race of women, woman (heaven), tribe woman (heaven's rainbow clan), tribe, and people.  The white waves represent, the star from heaven, the light so bright, it's white that shines! From within the darkness, a light is born, here we step to the horn (push to unite), blow your heart out and voice your part, let others know the stories, you dream!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
 Great Mother, you save the day, always looking after your hay (abundance for the children).  And I know it's wisdom you seek, when looking at those you keep.  Inside your heart so pure, like a river sounding like a roar.  And we are part of destiny, when you come home to me (children of the rainbow).  We are excited for everything, even all that you bring.  Dreams and Waterfalls, that's where the clouds do roar.  I know you are a child, the sweetness that always collides, to drink down the blood of God (suffers for our pain, her children of the world), to suffer from us, who don't know clouds (tears from the heart). We are part of everything.  We are the voice that sings.  And Great Mother, you bring us dreams, where law of love, gifts everything.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great Spirit Mother Walks on Water, She Dives With Her Sails To Keep Us Alive

Come and greet the morning sun (dreams fulfilled).  Come and find a heart so pure.  Leak a tear, to grow and spur* (growth and birth, receive this girth) a shining rainbow child.  A shining rainbow child.  Splendid colors come to me, greet me in the shining sun.  Know my heart lies in valleys pure, when we are on the run.  Traveling over the rungs (bell of freedom in evolution).

There we go, down to the shore, upon a mountain top.  I hold my child in my hands, while you feed upon the shore.  And there we flow eternal know, the grateful distant shore.  I wait for you, to know the view (paradise).  I find the soul adores, the fish (relatives, who swim in an ocean of dreams), that make the shore (plant the seeds, eggs). 

We are upon a distant land again, learning how to swim (paradise on earth).  Break out your sails, fill up the whales (fountain of breath), know that God adores.  What can I do for you, Great Mother knows the stream?  I follow you eternally sow you can find the shore.  The place that we adore.

Make my heart know joy again, show me that you care.  Give your children everything, like I do and adore.  Gift the heart a world of love, that's planted in your heart.  I say, gift souls that always know, upon the solemn shore.

Wish upon a star at night.  Wish upon a shore.  Inside your heart is mighty strong, the soul that always shores (realms of heaven and earth).  The place of paradise grows. And there we wait upon complete, the dance of distant lands.  Where we go, it's a home, a place to plant our feet.  To sail and know complete (circle of life in evolution).

Miracles are abundant. All you have to do, is know that vision lies inside of you, to find a shore complete this wave, to sail your heart away.  But when you cross the valley floor and your brethren they need you, to lift them up, to feel the wind, to sail to Kingdom's reign, the fall of rainbow shame (instead, we shall know joy).

The greatness that lies inside is a distant land, but my children, they will find, the glory that is at hand.  Make your promise, keep your faith, always find a way.  Unite the broken hearts who wane, sow they may find again.  Sow they may flourish in the wind.

Gift your heart, this day.  Make us feel the waves.  Walk on water everywhere (use your heart, not intelligence).  Know my love is shared.  Bless the hearts, the waterfall, the place we cleanse our lives.  Wash the sin right out of you, when you do realize (open your heart).  Treat each other (with love), not surmise (no guessing games).  Find love to meet the skies.

Wake up child.  Feel the wind.  Come on home to me.  I'm waiting for yesterday, to bring the sails away, to complete the longing of the day.  And deep inside a miracle hides, but sunlight it will glare.  Know it's part of everything, the broken sails repair.  The soul that needs some air. 

We are going home to you.  We the sun that shines.  We are the heaven you long to feel.  The heart that knows even why.  Sow all you need is a voice that speaks, "I want to know who and why".  There is a story a legend here, if you aren't satisfied.  Give the longing voice a chance, to share the unfolding winds.  And when you speak your heart's content, then you will know the shore.  The land of heaven's glow.  The sunlight that always knows (alightfromwithin).

Sung by WhiteBuffalo Calf Woman and Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star

*spur: urge forward, stimulus to action, spine like process, shoot of a tree, ridge or range projecting from a main mass of a mountain or mountain range. Brace or strut. Slender tube like structure formed by a basal extension of one or more petals or sepals of a blossom, often serving as a nectar receptacle. To jerk, kicks away, to push away, like when a child needs to grow up.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Blessing For "Great Spirit Mother Walks on Water, She Dives with Her Sails" Journey

We bless your common (abundant) grace (wind), that billows in the face. We bless the strands of gold that hold all we know.  We bless the heart of you, the sky it's so blue.  We bless the world alive, the heart that never lies.  We bless the sails that spin to hold us in the wind.  We bless the heart so pure, the dance we long to shore.  We bless the sky above, the heart that always longs.  We bless you in the trees at night, the day without fright. We bless the holy ground, the water that does frown.  We bless the seas of glee, to find you and me. We bless the skies of longevity. The storm that passes with the sun.  We bless the little ones, the children on the rungs (evolution path).

Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Spirit Mother Diamond in the Sky She Rides the Portal of Destiny

Can you fill me up with love?  You will wait and sea, the glory of everything, is here inside of me.  I know you gather, together in the sun. I know it's time to return.  The days are open, the days are young, let's us go to the seas.  There you shall find a heart of gold. There you shall find me.  I will be waiting for your return, the soul of eternity.

Gather you children, one by one.  Gather for all to sea.  I have one hope, that's filling my life, for all the children to believe.  Come and visit everyone.  Come and visit with me. I will wait for your return, to the beloved seas.  To the beloved Seas.

There beyond the total view, I can sea beyond the seas.  I am here to show you eternity, the voyage across the seas. And we shall open all the doors, waiting for the rising sun.  We shall open each heart of gold, when we find our rungs (evolution).  Climb on down the Rainbow Dream. Climb on down to see.  There my love will wait for you, close to eternity.

I can open all the doors. I can open the seas.  I will wave my hands for God, to allow forth eternity. The soul does grow, an open door (humble heart).  The soul does fly close to me.  I know you are sorry for what you do, but action speaks belief.  Watch your heart and what you do.  Watch for all to sea (vision of the heart).  I know glory with a rising sun, a song and dream belief.  I can open portal doors, but you must want to seek.  I can open a flooding heart, but you must hold and believe.

There is a song, within your soul.  There is a magic dart.  There is a pointer, towards destiny. There I wait for all the shells (evolution), the souls returning home to me.  And I will open all the doors, jsut you wait and sea. I will open a heart of gold, there is a land full of me, the land of destiny.

Gather together my children.  Gather together for all to sea.  Gather and know your neighbor, the relative you need believe.  The servant, who treats the disease (healing relatives).  And my heart it does know, which way, I must go.  There is a place, where there isn't a trace.  The land of destiny.  The heart of you and me.  The goal of a forever tree (tree of life, where the soul is housed).

What will you do, but choose pure love.  What can you do, but find the door to your soul.  What can you do, without our love?  I know you need us true.  Just like my children need you.  Come and hold the hands of time.  Come and gather with me.  Come and find a will to survive, with blessings we conceive, the portals of destiny.

What will I do, when the children of a view, fight for the world, to believe?  I will wake up, those who need, to fall down and rescue me.  I am the Great Spirit who believes.  I am the soul, who walks towards your heart.  I am the soul that believes in children's hearts.  All my clan, the rainbow dreams, the rocks, flowers and dreams.  The place where destiny leads.  We are the true blue souls.  We are the truth in our hearts.  Don't you realize, that God is here to survive, walking into a destiny.  Walking towards you and me!

Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand and sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother for the heart of Great Spirit Mother Diamond in the Sky, She Rides. Her sacred four directions (leading perfection), (united leader), (holy house, 3-beyond the dream), (communicating holiness)

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Great Spirit Mother Diamond in the Sky She Rides, Blessings before she leaves!

WE bless you where you burn (fire purification).  We bless the river gorge (embrace of whole).  We bless the soul that weeps (filling the well of life).  We bless the soul that keeps (sanctuary).  We bless the soul that hides, inside a miracle of pride (standing up for what is right).  We bless this world you live, inside of heavenly gifts.  We bless the road to heaven. We bless the road to earth.  We bless the outer space, the inside our true gape (deep and open wide).  I love the whole of you.  I love the page preview.  I love the sky we are part of.  I love my sweetness could (mirror to your soul).  And when you leave us this day, we bless all that you do each wave (of light).  We bless the eternal wind, to give the soul a "live".  We find the soul to achieve, to hail the golden tree.  We bless the starks (harsh, grim) of time, that seems to keep us blind.  But in this shadow pure, a soul that need no fear, with blessings we give to you, the child who has a view.  And Holiness and I offer you part of the humble pie (rainbow clan), the sole we have is with (red road), the wave of red in sleep.  And we are going to sail with you, inside your heart so pure.  Thank you for coming here, to serve all the fields of hay (abundance for all).  I love the place of saints.  I love all that you do and say.  The heart that leads us home.  You are the morning dove.  Blessings to your wings.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Great Spirit Mother Johnnas Tells Us To Share

Sharing a heart does bring me peace, but children everywhere they don't know of love that fills. I wish a heart could know my love, but it's time to grow, and be like doves (gather together in defeat).  Beating (heart beat) and sharing a heart that knows life, it's a living grammar (speaking with our hearts), the place we share our lives.  And it's a voice that reckons. It's a voice that sings. Upon a hill we know merriment, if you don't forget to spill (tears that know joy), the tears that fill the well (abundance, the flowering blossom).

Give me sharing wisdom.  Give me a child who sings.  Tell all the children, we want all to ring (freedom).  Often you don't even know me, the Great Spirit Mother who always comes.  I am here to shelter you, always from the Sun (living life, radiates rainbow colors).  And we are coming to a homeland.  We are going to hell (fire of purification).  We are going to show you, that love will always spill. And those who don't understand me, well they just have to learn.  Because I am always waiting for them to return.

There is misunderstanding of heaven's open doors, but you shall always know me, where-ever you explore.  And my love it's a companion, to all the other saints.  You need only call me, and I fly to heal your heart.  I am going to show you, the waves of eternity, when you love your brother, oh my sister, you shall bleed (know the art of standing the ground, the law of love). We are in a miracle, a storm that shall lead.  Come home to my rescue, so I may treat you sweet.  Come home to the land of love, paradise on the streets.

Wake up children up above. Wake up down below.  Heaven and Earth is folding, where all must learn my girth. And I will always rescue all my children who are in pain.  I am the covenant hero (rainbow warrior), that always breaks the chain (chain of a lesson, where love releases the pain).  And I am going forwards, to a land where children sing.  I will release some magic, in a house that always bleeds (law of love, a heart that is pure).  And we are learning sacredness. We are learning about love.  We are seeking hearts of wisdom, when we share like we should.  We are seeking hearts of wisdom, like we know how to be a hood (embrace of the earth, oneness of God).

Come my little children, wake up a heart that seems so dead.  Fill it with life eternal, the place you rest your head (swelling heart).  And I will come to comfort you (singing in tears begins).  I will come to heal your heart.  I will know of love inside, the place where you start.  And when you come home to me, the arms they shall know it's pain, but then you will fall towards me, where all will be the same (heaven as oneness, spirit of God returns).  We shall be united, to comfort all the hearts.  Now my children listen, it's law of love, an art.  And we are going to fill the world (breathless tears).  We are going to bee without sin.  We are going home to you, the place of the wind. 

Tell me little children.  Tell me that you care.  Tell me that you want this, a place that's always fair.  And when you share the hearts at night, I will always bee there.  And when you share the dream space, there my heart will be fair (singing in tears ends). (knowing peace again) Tomorrow dream for me.  Tomorrow, I shall set you free. Tomorrow a place of happiness, a soul that seeks to miss (leaving with love, so you may return home).  A soul that seeks a kiss.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter and sacred drumbeat by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand, elder lavender person, OUR HOLINESS. Sung for the Heart of Great Spirit Mother Johnnas (dove, "God's grace"), Wills Come Home to Me.

Sacred Rainbow Colors for Great Mother Johnnas: (inner) leading perfection (great spirit mother), (2) communicating unity (builder of the world), (3)voice of holiness (spirit holy river flows outside the ark), (4) house of the spirit

Great Spirit Mother Speaks to White Buffalo Calf Woman: OH my child you know me, how certain, do you sing.  My children (Rainbow Clan, the beloved children of God) they shall lift me up, where Angels bare (bear, the star that shines, share a soul, that lines, the sacred heart of a rainbow, the heart of yours and mine) to sing.  And my child, you shall lead them, into a fairy land.  There my child they will kiss you, inside your heart so fair.

To Holiness David: Thank you children, you too, my (Holiness David) Running Eagle.  You shall show the wisdom of Earth and all She cares.  And I will be there when they lift you up. I will show a heart that cares, because you always give so much.  I know you will be fair.

 Fire Purification
Great Mother, you save the day, always looking after your hay (abundance for the children).  And I know it's wisdom you seek, when looking at those you keep.  Inside your heart so pure, like a river sounding like a roar.  And we are part of destiny, when you come home to me (children of the rainbow).  We are excited for everything, even all that you bring.  Dreams and Waterfalls, that's where the clouds do roar.  I know you are a child, the sweetness that always collides, to drink down the blood of God (suffers for our pain, her children of the world), to suffer from us, who don't know clouds (tears from the heart). We are part of everything.  We are the voice that sings.  And Great Mother, you bring us dreams, where law of love, gifts everything.

Great Mother Jeshuahcee Believes, Children Everywhere Embrace Without Fear, Release Your Tears

White Buffalo Calf Woman speaks:  This is the last song of the day (elders agenda meeting 06022010), then I will bless the waves.  But first let me say, Great Spirit Mother is here today, thank you for coming and weeping your love, we are sad, when you are not like a dove (knowing peace).  Healing your heart, is always paramount, and I will sing this song for you.  My Great Spirit Mother Jeshuah-Cee, the crystal overlay offers you truth, thank you for coming to this clue, the gathering of elders who long to serve you.

Great Spirit Mother Jeshuah-Cee speaks:  Thank you child/children

White Buffalo Calf Woman writes:  Great Spirit Mother Jeshuah-Cee or Sea (saving cry that delivers and saves-salvation, from heaven gleaming joy, for all the boys and girls, we are part of the magic of a hill, the waves that are bound to be still-reflect.) Jeshua means Yah Is Salvation,  "to deliver" (or, "to rescue").  Yeshua (meaning; Salvation - God Saves). The name Yehoshua has the form of a compound of "Yeho-" and "shua": Yeho- יְהוֹ is another form of יָהו Yahu, a theophoric element standing for the personal name of God YHWH, and שׁוּוֹשֻׁעַ  shua‘ is a noun meaning "a cry for help", "a saving cry", that is to say, a shout given when in need of rescue. Together, the name would then literally mean, "God is a saving-cry," that is to say, shout to God when in need of help. Another explanation for the name Yehoshua is that it comes from the root ישע yod-shin-‘ayin, meaning "to deliver, save, or rescue". The last part of her name, Cee (sea), means law of love in flight in the sacred blue, the heart of me and you.

Sacred Song Blessing for Great Mother Jeshuah-Cee

There is Magic in the air.  Don't you feel it everywhere?  I know my children want love this day. I know my children want to play. Offer your love in all you say.  Children need each other to know the way.

Come know the diamonds in the sky.  There the stars fly oh so high.  I am the magician, who believes in your heart, because I never part, from loving your sacred heart.

Where did we go, when you did not snow (bless)?  I tell you we're here in front of you.  But you did know, of my heart and it's glow, because you did not pray.  My children remember the way.

We walk in a garden with love, when we visit the flowers true to gloves.  They hold you and offer you a glory to be seen. You too child can believe.

There is a place, where strong men go.  It's called the heavens where longing in the wind, is part of the sacred talk, the place we hold true.  We are part of heaven, me and you.

My children don't have many clues, that offer them all the truth.  But days are turning into nights, and we shall share again.  Go out and learn how to swim.  Use your heart and love others to win.

We are the plenty, the Golden hearts.  We are the magic if we do impart.  And we need to help others, to heal and understand.  Come my children offer your hands.  Come my children pray and stand (up for the law of love).

We could have harmony.  WE could know joy.  We could have healings, when we share our hearts.  We could be holy if we trusted love.  There is a wisdom that comes from above.  Heaven is waiting for your returning heart.

Can you walk with me, the Great Mother breeze?  Can you walk towards me, holding and belief?  Can you heal my heart?  Can you drop your tears?  I know the river never fears.  I know my children realize I'm here.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter  Sacred Song Blessings for the heart of Great Spirit Mother Jeshuah-Cee. Email for your gift, the perfect radiant heart song (a light from within)!

White Buffalo Calf Woman speaks:  Thank you Great Spirit Mother for your tears for us.  We do need you, all of us.  And when you cry, we cry and know your pain is alive.  We too are heart broken and feel the knives (division) of those who don't know how to cry.  Thank you for your pain and suffering you do for us.  I know your embracing heart does cling, to the happiness you always bring.  I pray the children will realize spring.  So your tears will flow, to offer and grow, the happy children down below, the rainbow clan that soon will know. (swelling tears).

 Purification Blessing

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings blessings for Elders:   
I bless you and keep you safe in my arms.  I bless you always, to know of perfect charm.  I bless you and hold you near all those who hate, so they may learn from your love.  I bless your feet, where-ever you go. I bless the hoar (crystalline stone trail blessings) of what you do know.  I bless the perfect harmony you will restore. I bless all the open doors. I bless the sacred heart that adores.  Blessings from heaven rain (reign) down on me.  Blessing from Earth, that flies to bee free.  Blessings to underworld that hold us near to destiny.  Blessing to Angels who sing.  Blessings to upper heaven that rings (freedom).  Blessings to all the children who sing.  Blessing I offer a heart that is pure.  I bless you so you will know of fear (to heal broken hearts).  I bless you to tear down all the tears (fears).  

"Welcome Home Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Mother Timmerana Sacred Song Blessing Speaks of Magic That Comes True

There is always thunder, where I roll today!   There is mighty wisdom, in the frays (blue tzitzits, wind) of days.  I can hold you closer, to my mind today.  And I wonder what you need me for, sow I can hide away, with you.  In your sacred blue. 

There is always sunshine, where I come to you!  There is mighty willingness to defend and choose.  I have more to say to you, but do you learn?  I have so much glory to preserve, I just cant' choose.  You are all my children, everyone of you.  I give my heart's devotion, without thinking of clues.  I only know that I love you until th e ends of days. I will always bee here, to help you along the way.

Children rumble.  Parents do roar.  But my heart humbles, to the rainbow clan in fear.  I want you to know.  The heart is safe in it's glow, when you purify.  When you look at yourself in the eyes.  When you love yourself and it's always true.  That you are going to bee, the hero, that you sent in me.  I am your thunder, hear me roar, your parents side, the deep and open wide. I shall be by your side.

Always looking out for you child in despair.  Always finding wisdom in all you do down there.  I can see you have much magic, if you only could choose. But I'm no example, when I depend on you.  I know it's true.  My heart is blue.  I am the genuine truth of love, that must flow to you. I always know when your down. I always cry like a clown.  But I never turn away, from loving you, regardless of what you say.  I am always here today.

Rumble my children,  let's hear a call today.  Let us be warriors, who make our hearts sing hooray.  let us open mountains right where they fall. let us build castles, in the clouds, billow the air.  I know you are part of me, my dream always unfolds.  But Mothers do love you, regardless of how bold.  It's not always easy to hate a man who is true.  But it's much more easy, to love the hate in you.  I tell you my child and parent, I come to you when you are sad.  Don't you think, my love doesn't flow, from me to you, to make you glad. 

Ancestors live within us, bellow and through the winds. we yell your name, we say, what do we win, when we go along the journey, to sail away, to new views, the place of me and you.  I am your Great Mother Timmerana, I am here to show you the way.  I come to hold you, give your boldness, find the clues of yesterday, to say, we are going to a new way.

Thunder rolling (rainbow colors of lights), green grass bowling (magical lights, when it tips upside down, valleys and shadows), how does magic flow from me? I know that my heart bellows, to all the fellows, where light does grow inside of me, the reflection of the entire seas. 

(Vision: Beams of light display, shooting down like sunlight beams, colored rainbows, the swivels, like s snaking along the beams, squiggling to the beat of the drum.)

There is a place far away, I don't know what to say.  But dreams come awaking now it's ever present, don't you want to bee with me, your Great Mother longs to sea, the child, that animates free.  Come and sail away, like light beams on a distant shore.  Find along the way, the hope, that you lost before.  Bring your loving heart with you, carry along all the embracing hues, give each love, you need, along the way.  I say, my love will fill you (full of display).

My children, know of me, the Great Mother who lives in the Sea, she holds your hand at night.  She blows the wind for your sight.  She gifts the best of you, to make a heart so blue.  I know you have a clue, my heart is always blue.  I say, God is part of you, always loved, never a part, from the view, only don't you sea, how great you could bee, if you only believed, that I loved you.
  I really do. It's your Great Mother who comes to rest inside your heart of your very best.  I know the clues, that make you, you.  I greet your light, even when in plight.  And now it's time for you to know, to learn and love and grow.  To embrace the lights without, and give your heart a chance to depart, with loving arms.  Shedding all your charms. 

Don't you sea, the truth in me and you abroad leaf, we are part of the whole and we need you sow, plant your seeds, follow the truth of me, the singing song, that allows you to set yourself free. I want you to know, how grand you are in the show.  Allowing for all to bee, the heart of all that purifies thee.  my heaven holds you in embrace.  My love longs to be your grace.  Don't think, I am not there.  I always come in your fear. this Great Mother Timmerana who loves you.  I am here, to sail with you, across the realms, where you are true, the deep oceans, we share with all the views, God (oneness) is inside of you. 

Sacred Song Blessings for the Heart of Great Mother Timmerana, Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star.

Great Spirit Mother Timmerana:  Good bye child for now, if you need me, I am willing to smile, you gift us destiny upon your face, don't be too hard, on what you must face.  We all depend on you, to be the perfect clue, to rising suns each day, to make prophecy stay away, but willing to face another way, the darkness of the truth, that is set out and loose.  You (White Buffalo Calf Woman, a crystal person, sacred interpreter) can handle the dark space.  And Holiness David (Running Eagle, a lavender person, a Holy Living Fire) can handle the light space. The two of you, will shine a truce, between the realms of both place.  Because as you know, we are four great shows, the seasons of time (rolling hills), do want to make things chime.  My child bless you (as one, Holiness David and Calf Woman), take the high road, to fame, to learn to bow, down to gain, it's playing with all the rules but only one law (love), my children do play, but love is here to rule the day! I am coming home, to rule the nest.  My children I pray do the best.  Aho (heavenly flight, dream), collide, with me by your side.  I am here to share the wheel of yesterday and tomorrow we do play, for now we rise up, to shine so bright, within the darkness, my holy might.  You my warriors have come home to me.  I am proud of thee. Goodnight!

Name Meaning of Great Spirit Mother Timmerana and Interpretation from White Buffalo Calf Woman

Timmer (timbre) a tone, to build a home (hum a tune).  Building, awaking the trees do bring to thee, a garden full of company (forest).  Here I build a house, and a people will bee (dream freely), famous race upon the land.  We'll call them a farm (Earth) with Famous People around, who sing to the sound of wood all day, building and longing to play.

Now, I'm a  wooden bowl (timeran, holder of light,
a bowl containing magical lights, when it tips upside down, valleys and shadows appear and pure), that drinks till I'm full (embrace from the dark), and flies the impossible dream.  Where my down (Andrena Timmerana, 1 of 15, rainbow colors of Earth, a type of bird down, the softer inner feathers under the outer heavier feathers) of striped feathers (light and dark), gain light only after the weather (suffering for love).  I am your insulator (keeping you warm with inner light), thermal navigator (outer embrace), keeping you warm, where you do go (flow).  Inside your jackets, your bedding and pillows, my arms do comfort you at night (as you glow in the dark).  I am the heart of love (embracing you), as you desire the air (fluffiness), that adds small pockets of space in peaceful grace, the lofty character of fine taste.  Property we believe, (down) know blessings to please, being packed together in space for eternity.

Light as a feather, compressed, to face the weather, I keep you warm in comfort wherever you may be.  My nest is harvested safely, because you are behind me, and one day, you will be here to comfort me.  It's brown (earth, seed, sow) you know where seeds lie, to face the closest clever bird's nest, where children grow up, and face the world, however blue (relative).  And flight of my children, who dream like bees and members of social solitary species, that protects, the mining features (seeking underground, where all water is found, lowest point down), where my hair gets trimmed every day (precision, like cutting grass down).  And God must be awakened, from my heavy labor, that I am virile (Andrena) to meet the day.  And under this affliction, comes favored grace (Ana), full of wisdom. There the birds do nestle in the planks, the boards of the timbers up above.

Like forests that shelter, we give up some of our timber, to heal and build shelter for everyone, including others under the sun.  We share the world, cut trees to believe, that lumber is the building material that we need.  We construct, strip into pieces, the wood, that is used with variety and shape. All purpose, is to the liking, the sawn timber, does bring liking, to building materials, made from a tree.  Collecting planks to nature, to beam like a river, a woodland, that gave it's life for thee, to become a member of the grooves and the panels, to bring everything upright again to a room. A home to a vessel, that connects the horizon, two by four, open the door, come on in, and let me sing (laughter).  I post in an upright position, while I set rows to the timber, of many trees and shrubs, that sing to the winds.  The forest, is a shelter, to many who seek woodland, it's a place, we leave a trace of where we have been.

An ecosystem characterized, by human and plant life, bringing soil and climate a home, a place to bloom. Here is a biome, which brings all things green (oneness), to full leaves (relatives), where Robin's (bird) Hood (family) lives (a forest) as a plane of the sea.  And on the shore, it left you, the solid ground of the firma, the land where Earth does appear, oh sow near.  As we shake on long distance, we dropped down to the Earth's existence, where the ground did whisper always. Along the banks of the river, I found myself, part of the picture, where forests and trees, found their place, along the gardens of the stream's water front. And I float along the region, where forests follow the river, to produce for economical use. 

My voice finds distinctive, the property of complexes, the sound, a noise, that is all worth.  I am the music singing, the rich and lovely bringing, of muffled tones, a time of truth, a timbre away.  We are here to say.  I have a tone, to hold you closer, to bring our hearts, even closer, the binding force.  The attribute, or harmonic duke (leader), from day to day.  A bell, that rings how are you, the frequency of fundamental, the series of musical notes, that phase in and out.  The quality of bringing a sound to it's funeral, or waking to a spell in fairy land, the integral multiplicity.  A resonance attractive, that imparts voicing wisdom, an action of resonating hearts, chambers to where my breath is let out.  My kiss finds in you, the mouth, that is true, where the nose (knows) inhalates (ah, a heavenly reaction), from street to street, from beat to beat. And now I am carried to other realms, where my actions are complete and colors inundate, in all my sounds, to record and capture, the truth of the known. Music fills the soul.  

Acting to fulfill, the reverberation, vibrancy does bring.  Ringing with character, loud deep sounding exuberance, it's the quality of being resonant. I stride to shrill all the range, back to the green corner, where all the trees grow there, organ pipes, musical stripes, instruments, who reverberate musical jolts.  It's auditory communication that speaks manners oh so true, the instrument of our vocal tones.  Let us shrill with excitement tonight. Let us register, our measures, with green forests, who listen, to the winds, that travel the world, from sea to sea, between you and me, continuously.
Warriors of the Earth  

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