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Great Spirit Mother

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great Spirit Mother Walks on Water, She Dives With Her Sails To Keep Us Alive

Come and greet the morning sun (dreams fulfilled).  Come and find a heart so pure.  Leak a tear, to grow and spur* (growth and birth, receive this girth) a shining rainbow child.  A shining rainbow child.  Splendid colors come to me, greet me in the shining sun.  Know my heart lies in valleys pure, when we are on the run.  Traveling over the rungs (bell of freedom in evolution).

There we go, down to the shore, upon a mountain top.  I hold my child in my hands, while you feed upon the shore.  And there we flow eternal know, the grateful distant shore.  I wait for you, to know the view (paradise).  I find the soul adores, the fish (relatives, who swim in an ocean of dreams), that make the shore (plant the seeds, eggs). 

We are upon a distant land again, learning how to swim (paradise on earth).  Break out your sails, fill up the whales (fountain of breath), know that God adores.  What can I do for you, Great Mother knows the stream?  I follow you eternally sow you can find the shore.  The place that we adore.

Make my heart know joy again, show me that you care.  Give your children everything, like I do and adore.  Gift the heart a world of love, that's planted in your heart.  I say, gift souls that always know, upon the solemn shore.

Wish upon a star at night.  Wish upon a shore.  Inside your heart is mighty strong, the soul that always shores (realms of heaven and earth).  The place of paradise grows. And there we wait upon complete, the dance of distant lands.  Where we go, it's a home, a place to plant our feet.  To sail and know complete (circle of life in evolution).

Miracles are abundant. All you have to do, is know that vision lies inside of you, to find a shore complete this wave, to sail your heart away.  But when you cross the valley floor and your brethren they need you, to lift them up, to feel the wind, to sail to Kingdom's reign, the fall of rainbow shame (instead, we shall know joy).

The greatness that lies inside is a distant land, but my children, they will find, the glory that is at hand.  Make your promise, keep your faith, always find a way.  Unite the broken hearts who wane, sow they may find again.  Sow they may flourish in the wind.

Gift your heart, this day.  Make us feel the waves.  Walk on water everywhere (use your heart, not intelligence).  Know my love is shared.  Bless the hearts, the waterfall, the place we cleanse our lives.  Wash the sin right out of you, when you do realize (open your heart).  Treat each other (with love), not surmise (no guessing games).  Find love to meet the skies.

Wake up child.  Feel the wind.  Come on home to me.  I'm waiting for yesterday, to bring the sails away, to complete the longing of the day.  And deep inside a miracle hides, but sunlight it will glare.  Know it's part of everything, the broken sails repair.  The soul that needs some air. 

We are going home to you.  We the sun that shines.  We are the heaven you long to feel.  The heart that knows even why.  Sow all you need is a voice that speaks, "I want to know who and why".  There is a story a legend here, if you aren't satisfied.  Give the longing voice a chance, to share the unfolding winds.  And when you speak your heart's content, then you will know the shore.  The land of heaven's glow.  The sunlight that always knows (alightfromwithin).

Sung by WhiteBuffalo Calf Woman and Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star

*spur: urge forward, stimulus to action, spine like process, shoot of a tree, ridge or range projecting from a main mass of a mountain or mountain range. Brace or strut. Slender tube like structure formed by a basal extension of one or more petals or sepals of a blossom, often serving as a nectar receptacle. To jerk, kicks away, to push away, like when a child needs to grow up.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Blessing For "Great Spirit Mother Walks on Water, She Dives with Her Sails" Journey

We bless your common (abundant) grace (wind), that billows in the face. We bless the strands of gold that hold all we know.  We bless the heart of you, the sky it's so blue.  We bless the world alive, the heart that never lies.  We bless the sails that spin to hold us in the wind.  We bless the heart so pure, the dance we long to shore.  We bless the sky above, the heart that always longs.  We bless you in the trees at night, the day without fright. We bless the holy ground, the water that does frown.  We bless the seas of glee, to find you and me. We bless the skies of longevity. The storm that passes with the sun.  We bless the little ones, the children on the rungs (evolution path).

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