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Great Spirit Mother

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Great Spirit Mother Witness to the Sky Gifts Her Cart

Great Spirit Mother Witness to the Sky Gifts Her Cart
 Let love capture you. Come on down to the blue. Where you have been so long, feel it in the winds. Climb up to the stars again, to take hold of the carts amend. We wanted love to fulfill, just have to use our thrills. There is a loving place within this trace the making of a human face. Whence we came, to let love beckon us home again. Desperately coming down the sleeve, all of your tears that fall down upon this holy wall. Shine true my children of the blue. Shine true. Shine true my children of the blue. Shine true.
The daze upon our dreams fold down from the sky. And there the colors come down to ride the holy streams of the windows and our dreams. There we cry our tears and fall them down upon the sacredness of this holy sound. We are witness to our shame, yet there is another way to blame. If only we did say, glory be your way. Giving all that is true blue, the waves of all you say. When you wanted more than salvation brings, blame your brother who shows you the way. Say you are the reason for my living. I blame you for this another day. You too can blame me. I will show you this sacred breeze. You too can show me, the sacredness of your dew. Climb down from the stars. And have each other for this cart (ark, stone, crystalline being of light, Star of David). You and me will find our way, when we realign all to be safe.
Great Spirit Mother Witness to the Sky, you bring in all the howling of our cries. And if you knew just when we needed bleed, because you wanted us to plant those seeds. Love came to wander from the past to the future my dears. Love came to you to hold down this sacred fear. And when you needed a friend, you just had to rely on the winds. All that came home to you and me, we paved the way.
Look inside of your heart, blame this mission on your holy ark. And with this knowledge no one needed fear. And yet inside of you, the spiritual learned to grew into this delightful wake with no more mistakes. you are my dream, my children with steam. You are my winds that blow, I know all you carry inside of you gold. You are my treasure my deer. You gifted all of your tears. I blame this world for your love. Just let it pour out like the doves.
You and me children of this world, we came home to fill the sky. All the colors that we ride, across the miracles we prescribed. And each lesson we learned to bring in that sacred burn. That fire you lit in the sky, just to hold us closer to the holy wise. You and me deer on a great migrational tear. And with our waking of the dawn, we will hear all of those songs. You are the children I realize, that will change this world prescribed. You will know, just what you have been told, all of those lives. You are born and you are torn, from life after life. Witness with me in the sky, all the tears that fall down prescribed. Lessons we must learn to bring us to this world again. I tell you true and mighty is the way you share your *sightee (vision of the spiritual flight, wind-worn outcrop, sight of the sun from a hill). You are the magic I know, you bring tears to my gold.
And I dream with you across this land. I beckon the stars to understand. I feel the waves upon the winds. I carry you with love once again. And with this cry, I hear your tears falling down. Everything you make is a holy shake, when you gift your love away. Send out your praise.

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums from the heart of Great Spirit Mother Witness to the Sky. We are grateful for her love, always showing us the way, while she hears the songs that are displayed.

*Sighty (sightee): A Marilyn is a mountain or hill in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland or Isle of Man with a prominence of at least 150 metres (492 ft), regardless of absolute height or other merit. The name was coined as a punning contrast to the designation Munro, used of a Scottish mountain with a height of more than 3,000 feet (914.4 m), which is homophonous with (Marilyn) Monroe.
Gifted by Angel Services Around the World
Sioux Task Force and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Jews for the Ark of the Covenant the Rainbow Promise

Great Mother, you save the day, always looking after your hay (abundance for the children). And I know it's wisdom you seek, when looking at those you keep. Inside your heart so pure, like a river sounding like a roar. And we are part of destiny, when you come home to me (children of the rainbow). We are excited for everything, even all that you bring. Dreams and Waterfalls, that's where the clouds do roar. I know you are a child, the sweetness that always collides, to drink down the blood of God (suffers for our pain, her children of the world), to suffer from us, who don't know clouds (tears from the heart). We are part of everything. We are the voice that sings. And Great Mother, you bring us dreams, where law of love, gifts everything.

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