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Great Spirit Mother

Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Spirit Mother Diamond in the Sky She Rides the Portal of Destiny

Can you fill me up with love?  You will wait and sea, the glory of everything, is here inside of me.  I know you gather, together in the sun. I know it's time to return.  The days are open, the days are young, let's us go to the seas.  There you shall find a heart of gold. There you shall find me.  I will be waiting for your return, the soul of eternity.

Gather you children, one by one.  Gather for all to sea.  I have one hope, that's filling my life, for all the children to believe.  Come and visit everyone.  Come and visit with me. I will wait for your return, to the beloved seas.  To the beloved Seas.

There beyond the total view, I can sea beyond the seas.  I am here to show you eternity, the voyage across the seas. And we shall open all the doors, waiting for the rising sun.  We shall open each heart of gold, when we find our rungs (evolution).  Climb on down the Rainbow Dream. Climb on down to see.  There my love will wait for you, close to eternity.

I can open all the doors. I can open the seas.  I will wave my hands for God, to allow forth eternity. The soul does grow, an open door (humble heart).  The soul does fly close to me.  I know you are sorry for what you do, but action speaks belief.  Watch your heart and what you do.  Watch for all to sea (vision of the heart).  I know glory with a rising sun, a song and dream belief.  I can open portal doors, but you must want to seek.  I can open a flooding heart, but you must hold and believe.

There is a song, within your soul.  There is a magic dart.  There is a pointer, towards destiny. There I wait for all the shells (evolution), the souls returning home to me.  And I will open all the doors, jsut you wait and sea. I will open a heart of gold, there is a land full of me, the land of destiny.

Gather together my children.  Gather together for all to sea.  Gather and know your neighbor, the relative you need believe.  The servant, who treats the disease (healing relatives).  And my heart it does know, which way, I must go.  There is a place, where there isn't a trace.  The land of destiny.  The heart of you and me.  The goal of a forever tree (tree of life, where the soul is housed).

What will you do, but choose pure love.  What can you do, but find the door to your soul.  What can you do, without our love?  I know you need us true.  Just like my children need you.  Come and hold the hands of time.  Come and gather with me.  Come and find a will to survive, with blessings we conceive, the portals of destiny.

What will I do, when the children of a view, fight for the world, to believe?  I will wake up, those who need, to fall down and rescue me.  I am the Great Spirit who believes.  I am the soul, who walks towards your heart.  I am the soul that believes in children's hearts.  All my clan, the rainbow dreams, the rocks, flowers and dreams.  The place where destiny leads.  We are the true blue souls.  We are the truth in our hearts.  Don't you realize, that God is here to survive, walking into a destiny.  Walking towards you and me!

Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand and sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother for the heart of Great Spirit Mother Diamond in the Sky, She Rides. Her sacred four directions (leading perfection), (united leader), (holy house, 3-beyond the dream), (communicating holiness)

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Great Spirit Mother Diamond in the Sky She Rides, Blessings before she leaves!

WE bless you where you burn (fire purification).  We bless the river gorge (embrace of whole).  We bless the soul that weeps (filling the well of life).  We bless the soul that keeps (sanctuary).  We bless the soul that hides, inside a miracle of pride (standing up for what is right).  We bless this world you live, inside of heavenly gifts.  We bless the road to heaven. We bless the road to earth.  We bless the outer space, the inside our true gape (deep and open wide).  I love the whole of you.  I love the page preview.  I love the sky we are part of.  I love my sweetness could (mirror to your soul).  And when you leave us this day, we bless all that you do each wave (of light).  We bless the eternal wind, to give the soul a "live".  We find the soul to achieve, to hail the golden tree.  We bless the starks (harsh, grim) of time, that seems to keep us blind.  But in this shadow pure, a soul that need no fear, with blessings we give to you, the child who has a view.  And Holiness and I offer you part of the humble pie (rainbow clan), the sole we have is with (red road), the wave of red in sleep.  And we are going to sail with you, inside your heart so pure.  Thank you for coming here, to serve all the fields of hay (abundance for all).  I love the place of saints.  I love all that you do and say.  The heart that leads us home.  You are the morning dove.  Blessings to your wings.

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