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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Great Mother Jeshuahcee Believes, Children Everywhere Embrace Without Fear, Release Your Tears

White Buffalo Calf Woman speaks:  This is the last song of the day (elders agenda meeting 06022010), then I will bless the waves.  But first let me say, Great Spirit Mother is here today, thank you for coming and weeping your love, we are sad, when you are not like a dove (knowing peace).  Healing your heart, is always paramount, and I will sing this song for you.  My Great Spirit Mother Jeshuah-Cee, the crystal overlay offers you truth, thank you for coming to this clue, the gathering of elders who long to serve you.

Great Spirit Mother Jeshuah-Cee speaks:  Thank you child/children

White Buffalo Calf Woman writes:  Great Spirit Mother Jeshuah-Cee or Sea (saving cry that delivers and saves-salvation, from heaven gleaming joy, for all the boys and girls, we are part of the magic of a hill, the waves that are bound to be still-reflect.) Jeshua means Yah Is Salvation,  "to deliver" (or, "to rescue").  Yeshua (meaning; Salvation - God Saves). The name Yehoshua has the form of a compound of "Yeho-" and "shua": Yeho- יְהוֹ is another form of יָהו Yahu, a theophoric element standing for the personal name of God YHWH, and שׁוּוֹשֻׁעַ  shua‘ is a noun meaning "a cry for help", "a saving cry", that is to say, a shout given when in need of rescue. Together, the name would then literally mean, "God is a saving-cry," that is to say, shout to God when in need of help. Another explanation for the name Yehoshua is that it comes from the root ישע yod-shin-‘ayin, meaning "to deliver, save, or rescue". The last part of her name, Cee (sea), means law of love in flight in the sacred blue, the heart of me and you.

Sacred Song Blessing for Great Mother Jeshuah-Cee

There is Magic in the air.  Don't you feel it everywhere?  I know my children want love this day. I know my children want to play. Offer your love in all you say.  Children need each other to know the way.

Come know the diamonds in the sky.  There the stars fly oh so high.  I am the magician, who believes in your heart, because I never part, from loving your sacred heart.

Where did we go, when you did not snow (bless)?  I tell you we're here in front of you.  But you did know, of my heart and it's glow, because you did not pray.  My children remember the way.

We walk in a garden with love, when we visit the flowers true to gloves.  They hold you and offer you a glory to be seen. You too child can believe.

There is a place, where strong men go.  It's called the heavens where longing in the wind, is part of the sacred talk, the place we hold true.  We are part of heaven, me and you.

My children don't have many clues, that offer them all the truth.  But days are turning into nights, and we shall share again.  Go out and learn how to swim.  Use your heart and love others to win.

We are the plenty, the Golden hearts.  We are the magic if we do impart.  And we need to help others, to heal and understand.  Come my children offer your hands.  Come my children pray and stand (up for the law of love).

We could have harmony.  WE could know joy.  We could have healings, when we share our hearts.  We could be holy if we trusted love.  There is a wisdom that comes from above.  Heaven is waiting for your returning heart.

Can you walk with me, the Great Mother breeze?  Can you walk towards me, holding and belief?  Can you heal my heart?  Can you drop your tears?  I know the river never fears.  I know my children realize I'm here.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter  Sacred Song Blessings for the heart of Great Spirit Mother Jeshuah-Cee. Email for your gift, the perfect radiant heart song (a light from within)!

White Buffalo Calf Woman speaks:  Thank you Great Spirit Mother for your tears for us.  We do need you, all of us.  And when you cry, we cry and know your pain is alive.  We too are heart broken and feel the knives (division) of those who don't know how to cry.  Thank you for your pain and suffering you do for us.  I know your embracing heart does cling, to the happiness you always bring.  I pray the children will realize spring.  So your tears will flow, to offer and grow, the happy children down below, the rainbow clan that soon will know. (swelling tears).

 Purification Blessing

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings blessings for Elders:   
I bless you and keep you safe in my arms.  I bless you always, to know of perfect charm.  I bless you and hold you near all those who hate, so they may learn from your love.  I bless your feet, where-ever you go. I bless the hoar (crystalline stone trail blessings) of what you do know.  I bless the perfect harmony you will restore. I bless all the open doors. I bless the sacred heart that adores.  Blessings from heaven rain (reign) down on me.  Blessing from Earth, that flies to bee free.  Blessings to underworld that hold us near to destiny.  Blessing to Angels who sing.  Blessings to upper heaven that rings (freedom).  Blessings to all the children who sing.  Blessing I offer a heart that is pure.  I bless you so you will know of fear (to heal broken hearts).  I bless you to tear down all the tears (fears).  

"Welcome Home Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy"

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