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Friday, December 25, 2009

Great Spirit Mother Melinda, the Scare Crow who Dances Like a Clown Goes Wassailing!

Title: Great Spirit Mother Melinda, the Scare Crow who Dances Like a Clown Goes Wassailing!
Written and Sung by: White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Drumbeat by: Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand

Great Spirit (fire and water, where the heaven and earth greets) Mother (a woman respected for her wisdom and age as she protects and looks over her offspring) Melinda (Sweet) the Scare Crow (Something frightening but not dangerous, to scare away the evil spirits) who Dances Like a Clown (employed to entertain a king or nobleman, like her royal children), as she protects us from evil spirits, with a cleansing of the soul, we do pray the blessings of fire and water.  She asked so humbly for her Heart Song, and I spoke to Holiness David, "She's so Sweet". She is our wassailing: to awake the cider (sparkling) apple trees, and to scare away evil spirits to ensure, a good harvest of fruit in the autumn (the third phase of evolution, where heaven and earth comes home to brotherhood).

Great Mother Spirit Melinda Sings her Heart to show us the way homeward, with Wassailing, the song of devotional spirit!

We have come to hold your hand.  We have come to understand.  Where you go, is in my heart and where you flow, I do not smart (the Queen Bee does not sting you).  I know you are lonely, and I know all your fears. I know you need me in all your tears.  Wake up to my heartbeat, wake up to your fears. For I am holding you in my tears. 

Wash away your tears at night, for I am weeping in your delight.  Don't you see, the miracle that's me, waiting to hold you hear in divinity.  I say, I am waiting for you to return, to my heart, that longs for you to know the smart, the sting of angels, that know the law, that say my goodness is part of your heart. 

Walk towards me, not away from me.  Hold me, like a Mother longs to be.  The one, you treasure, the one you don't sea, but I am waiting for all of my leaves.  You are the important dream in me.  The walking and talking over rolling hills you sea, but there is the magic, that fills the night air, the place of wisdom that always says, "dare".

Now I have been along time ago, the magic of wisdom, that you have in despair, but I will walk towards you when you are in pain, because I know you are the fortunate gain.  I have for you a present, the love that is to be shared.  The place of glory within you, the place of fortunates to be held.  And we will share together the riches of Kingdom come, because my children, waits for me, to share all the meals we have sung.

Pray each day. Know your way!  Hold on to glory in all you say.  But when you treat others, with unkind words to hate, then I know you are lost child, and you need me for goodness sake.  Yet there are those, who wander, who seek the God above, and those, who know the calling of sacred pure doves.  And my heart beats excited, to know you are true, the blue of loyal servant, who fight for me and you!

Come one and all, come run in the lands, the shore of the distance, reckons a hand, but if we choose to listen, to the company of those, who have different stories, to love and to hold.  Then we could learn of knowledge of far and past, and we could be glory that lasts and lasts. And my heart, it will know you, the song that rises from afar, to tell of glory, that's news from our hearts.

Share all your stories, share all your pain.  share all your wisdom and all your gains.  And when you have little, remember to see your face, to notice, there is breath of life, that gives you full grace.  I wake up to see you, in dreams unfulfilled, but I know the journey is here to be full.  And when you realize, that the song from up high, comes down to the valleys from pure open skies.

Be the heart of your brother, be the song of your sister, be the sun of your parents, be the love of your spouse.  be the dream of your children, be the heart of your past, and all will come forwards to last and blast.  We can be the future, the place we come from. We can be the glory of a rising sun.  We can be the many dreams, that fall from the sky, the stars from heaven, that make earth alive.

Come and sing with me.  Come and feel the breeze.  Touch your face and reach to your tears.  Wipe away your sorrows, and know joy instead, because I will be funny, to show you your head.  Don't you see, all the intelligence can walk away from you.  But a heart, is longing to sea a perfect view and all you need is company, to share the song of love, the many of broken hearts, that learn to fly like doves. 

Be an Eagle (sacred holiness) in the sky, who looks after my apple pie (wassailing, the song of the apple tree vinegar to the sweetness of the apple pie that lasts.  our souls do sail in the past, to bring forth, the song of music that lasts. house visiting and singing to the trees,  promote a good harvest for the coming year.  we each are a tree of life, part of an orchard or community, the forest of humanity, that belong together. The teachings of the Aspen* trees belong to a community, with the interdependence of the roots that bind together as one surviving body, like our towns and communities.  We need each other, and when we rely on our neighbors to share our songs, our hardships, and our wisdom, then we find that we can survive as a whole, not separated and alone, but together like a song in an orchestra, the apple orchids, that we sing to, wassailing.), the many branches, who look away, is united in all this day.  Because its the holy fire, that keeps us alive, the Rainbow of colors, that make our lives. It's down in the valleys, where rivers do flow.  And I will keep your heartbeat in glowing after shows (horizon of the many colors of the Rainbow Clan, her children, who do flow to and fro, the heart that knows), the dance of wisdom does beat with one heart, don't you feel the magic of the perfect blessed heart.

Give and receive my child, know the breeze.  Know the heart longing, is still in the will.  And all you need is love to succeed, in all you do and say. Walk onward, my soldiers, walk onwards to play.  Be the heroes God sent to you.  Be the hungry for those who need a view.  Be the sorry that you need to hold, for God is here to be foretold.  And I will be waiting to feel your empty heart, to fill it with true love, and brotherhood, will make it start.

Don't think that you have all the pieces, and you will need a team, a community of devotion, to find the heart of me.  Now walk and talk together and share all your dreams.  And be the willing force that says, "I do believe", and when it's all over, the song and the dance, find peace in your heartbeat, find peace in the land. 

*Aspen trees are root suckers are like potatoes and flower bulbs, system of vining underground in the darkness and then stems upwards to reach the light.  Telling us the story of the rolling hills, going up and down, to greet life, both in water and light. The Aspen root system long lived in some cases for thousands of years,  in Utah, one colony is claimed to be 80,000 years old. They withstand forest fires, because they depend on the colony, and not one over the other. 

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Drumbeat by Holiness David Running Eagle, the Heart Song for Great Spirit Mother Melinda, who brings wassailing to our community to survive!

Our Great Spirit Mother is the vital principle or animating force within living beings, our incorporeal consciousness of our breath, the espirit with the dedication of Strong Loyalty to the team of Heaven and Earth, our true blue relatives of God.

She carries us away mysteriously or secretly with the force and principle of life that animates the body of all living things, which is every molecule seen and unseen.  She imparts courage and  determination, the very influence of God "the divine" upon our souls.  Her  temperament, liveliness and mettle sets us up with the fundamental, emotional, and activating principle of our spirits. Her's is the prevailing elemental feeling of a spirit, where joy pervaded the atmosphere as a state of mind.  She leaves us in a mood of exaltation, leading our spiritual movement with a quality, bringing a deeper, more significant spirit of the law of love and with a morality, that permeates our very existence. Her's is the intangible yet physical presence of the breath of life.

At times when our suffering feels like the pressure of an alchemical distillation process, the spiritual application renders us with our animating force, which actuates the immaterial psyche into the vital principle of an atmosphere into excitement and ambiance of one's character.  We are transfixed to be more than one could have ever imagined, for in God we do trust. She offers us, an ethical fiber of morality, that promotes bravery, courage and fearlessness needed to face any danger or pain. This alone, can affect the course of our human event's into the supernatural being, we are, deep within our souls when we remember our spirit.

Let us be content in our deep grief and communicate the message of liveliness, eagerness and the energy of prayer, that brings love into our daily lives.  We are the image of the Great Spirits that conveys our buoyancy with persistent good humor.  Be the change of heart, when others have lost their way.  Incline towards them the temperament of a company who lifts them up with "a Great Spirit".  Let Great Mother Spirit invigorate and animate our souls to be the essential being that hears the inner truth of love, that dispels the evil spirits and who longs to come home, to the embrace of Oneness.  Bee the impossible flight of forgiveness, and lift us up into the higher realms of consciousness, the feelings of spunk, to be a vital spark, which is indestructible.

As, we play with our spirits that soar into the realms of quintessence, through the laborious process of cleansing and blessing our fellow life partners, our relatives. We are the flavor and ambiance that shares the sounds, smells and spirit of a place, with resolve, conviction and the determination to motivate others into fortitude, steadfastness and the indomitable soul that lives forever.  Feel the moral sense of humor, that exercises our minds, into fitness and well being that lifts the spirits within, to be the spirit without, that feels the breath of the wind, where Snow covered Mountain tops view, the Valleys of Paradise below and where Rivers replenish us with blessed perfection. 

We are the very Angels, she gave birth to, and Great Spirit Mother looks over us in the rolling hills of paradise.  Let us be true to the laws that Govern the world of perfection.  Let us fly like the Holy Eagle that brings the spirit of thunder and lightning united in harmony. Let us rise up, to be faithful and kind as the raptures of love overwhelm our souls, with the sweet music that gratifies and satisfies our immense happiness towards joy.
Here we feel and find the perfect rest and peace nowhere else when troubled when we pray, as all frets, worries and chafings sink to sleep in the presence of the benignant serenity of the Great Spirit Mother.  It's as if we feel the Mountain breathe in and out, where there is peace upon our hurt minds and sore hearts of all the peoples in the four directions and we feel healed from our pain.  We cannot think base thoughts or do mean and sordid things, before the visible throne of God, as the Great Mother always sits to the left of the King (the Christal), to watch over the Kingdom forever and ever. Amen (One Humanity).

Great Spirit Mother Melinda teaches us to be the wish to solve our problems in a spirit of cooperation on our Holiest of Days, Christmas, the many open doors to the Crystalline River of Flowing Time and Space. Instead of revenge, let us be forgiveness and to be optimistic in the agreement of these laws, the moving spirit of brotherhood. Kindred are relatives of one mind singing like Angels of our Souls, that blow the winds of our sails homewards. Welcome to the Dawning, the third phase of evolution, where Brotherhood Reigns, the Gold within you!

"Que que na-to-ra
You will understand
Listen with your heart
You will understand
Let it break upon you
Like a wave upon the sand
Listen with your heart
You will understand"

" I don't know what I can do
Still, I know I've got to try
Eagle (sacred), help my feet to fly
Mountain (holy), help my heart be great
Spirits of the earth and sky ...
Please don't let it be to late ..."

O Great Spirit, hear our song
Help us keep the ancient ways
Keep the sacred fire strong
Walk in balance all our days"

Excerpts from Disney's "Pocahontas"  

Warriors of the Earth  

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